CND Shellac Colours 2014


If you’re feeling worn out due to the festive season here’s some news to put a smile on your face. The next two collections of CND Shellac have been announced.

The ‘Open Road’ Spring Collection is available now in CND shellac and  CND Vinylux.  From left to right there is; Sunbleached (a dusky yellow), Powder My Nose (a beautiful nude), Dessert Poppy (a coral orange with a hint of sparkle), Mint Convertible (a pastel green), Clay Canyon (a terracotta clay) and Sage Scarf (another stunning green).

Open Road Collection: Spring 2014

Then there is the Paradise summer collection of brights with Bicycle Yellow, Electric Orange, Sultry Sunset, Lush Tropics, Cerulean Sea and Tango Passion.

Summer 2014: CND Shellac

Which are your favourites?

To find out more about my shellac treatments click here.


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